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Thursday, July 7, 2011



Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Truth Behind A Lie, Darwinism

Charles Robert Darwin. A name for which, a picture of an old man comes
to our mind. Not without another one! The famous picture of  Human
evolution!!! But the question is, is it correct? Does 'Modern Science'
agree with him or some 'Modern Scientists'? What does Islam say about
it? What about the famous Scientists? This article is for that

                                         Charles Robert Darwin     

Absence of Intermingling Fossils:

The best proof against Darwin's theory is the absence of fossil records of the Intermediatory species . As the all of the currently living species have come through gradual Transformation of the Predecessor species lived Millions of years ago. So the theory will be proved, if The fossil records can be found. Darwin also stated that,

“If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking most closely all of the species of the same group together must assuredly have existed. Consequently evidence of their former existence could be found only amongst fossil remains.” ( On The Origin Of Species By means of Natural Selection page no. 162)



“ …Why, if species have descended from other species by fine gradations, do we everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion, instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined?… But, as by this theory innumerable transitional form must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust to the earth?… But in the intermediate region, having intermediate conditions of life, why do we not now find closely-linking intermediate varieties? This difficulty for a long time quite confounded me.” (On The Origin Of Species By means of Natural Selection page 168)

Believing in Darwin’s prophecy, evolutionists have been searching for fossils and digging for missing links since the middle of the 19th century CE, all over the world.  Despite their best efforts, no transitional forms have yet been uncovered.  All the fossils unearthed in excavations showed that contrary to the beliefs of evolutionists, life appeared on earth all of a sudden and fully-formed.  In their enthusiastic efforts to prove their theory, evolutionists have instead unwittingly caused it to collapse. 
A famous British paleontologist, Derek V.  Ager, admits this fact even though he is an evolutionist:
 “The point emerges that if we examine the fossil record in detail, whether at the level of orders or of species, we find – over and over again – not gradual evolution, but the sudden explosion of one group at the expense of another.”
Another evolutionist paleontologist Mark Czarnecki comments as follows:
“A major problem in providing the theory has been the fossil record; the imprints of vanished species preserved in the Earth’s geological formations.  This record has never revealed traces of Darwin’s hypothetical intermediate variants – instead species appear and disappear abruptly, and this anomaly has fueled the creationist argument that each species was created by God.” 
Entropy vs. Evolution
The truth of the second law of thermodynamics, or the law of entropy, has been experimentally and theoretically established.  All foremost scientists agree that the law of entropy will remain the principle paradigm for the foreseeable future.  Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of our age, described it as the “premier law of all of science.”  Sir Arthur Eddington also referred to it as the “supreme metaphysical law of the entire universe:” (Jeremy Rifkin, Entropy: A View, Viking Press, New York , 1980, p. 6.)
Evolutionary theory ignores this fundamental law of physics.  The mechanism offered by evolution totally contradicts the second law.  The theory of evolution says that disordered, dispersed, and lifeless atoms and molecules spontaneously came together over time, in a particular order, to form extremely complex molecules such as proteins, DNA, and RNA, whereupon millions of different living species with even more complex structures gradually emerged.  According to the theory of evolution, this supposed process—which yields a more planned, more ordered, more complex and more organized structure at each stage—was formed all by itself under natural conditions.  The law of entropy makes it clear that this so-called natural process utterly contradicts the laws of physics.
Evolutionist scientists are also aware of this fact.  J.  H.  Rush states:
In the complex course of its evolution, life exhibits a remarkable contrast to the tendency expressed in the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  Where the Second Law expresses an irreversible progression toward increased entropy and disorder, life evolves continually higher levels of order ( J. H. Rush, The Dawn of Life, New York, Signet, 1962, p. 35.)
Design without Designer!!!:
“Design”, briefly, means a harmonious assembling of various parts into an orderly form towards a common goal.  Going by this definition, one would have no difficulty in guessing that a car is designed.  This is because there is a certain goal, which is to transport people and cargo.  For the realization of this goal various parts such as the engine, tires and body are planned and assembled in the plant.

 Do  you think this wonderful Creature is Designed without Designer??!!!!

However, what about a living creature?  Might a bird and the mechanics of its flying be designed as well?  Before giving an answer, let us repeat the evaluation we did for the example of a car.  The goal at hand, in this case, is to fly.  For this purpose, hollowed bones, strong muscles that move these bones are utilized together with feathers capable of suspending in the air.  Wings are formed aerodynamically, and metabolism is in tune with the bird’s need for high levels of energy.  It is obvious that the bird is product of a certain design.

                                Birds know this mechanism without any teacher!!!!!!!!

However, this truth is rejected by the theory of evolution. According to the fundamental assertion of this theory all living things go through minute and coincidental changes.  If these coincidental changes help the creature then it gains advantage over the others, which in turn is carried onto following generations. The evolutionists who followed him put forth the concept of “mutation” on this subject. But , the FACT that falsifies this THEORY is the Concept of “irreducible complexity” . The definition of "Irreducible complexity" is that most of the organs of the living creatures function as a result of various independent parts. If one part disables, the organ will be disabled simultaneously. Any organ could not have developed in segments because none of the segments could possibly function alone.
Darwin himself said that, “If the impossibility of formation of a complex organ through a series of small changes was ever to be proven my theory would have certainly collapsed.  However I could not find such an organ." page 169
Hence the concept of irreducible complexity demolishes the theory of evolution from its foundations.
Famous Scientists against Evolution:

 “Evolution is unproved and improvable.  We believe it because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable.”  Sir Arthur Keith

 “Evolution is a fairy tail for grown-ups.  This theory has helped nothing in the progress of science.  It is useless.” Professor Louis Bounoure
Luther Sunderland asked evolutionists what evidence they had for their theory.  The British Museum of Natural History has the largest fossil collection in the world.  When the senior paleontologist (Colin Paterson) was asked why he did not show the missing links in his book he said:  “I fully agree with your comments on the lack of evolutionary transitions in my book.  If I knew of any, fossil or living, I would certainly have included them.  I will lay it on the line – there is not one such fossil.”  (Dr. Colin Paterson, Senior Paleontologist, British Museum of Natural History in correspondence to Luther Sunderland quoted in Darwin’s Enigma 1988, p. 89).
"Why does man behave like a perfect idiot? This is the problem I wish to deal with." (The crazy Ape   Albert Szent-Gyorgy) 
"From the almost total absence of fossil evidence relative to the origin of the phyla, it follows that any explanation of the mechanism in the creative evolution of the fundamental structural plans is heavily burdened with hypothesis. This should appear as an epigraph to every book on evolution. The lack of direct evidence leads to the formulation of pure conjecture as to the genesis of the phyla; we do not even have a basis to determine the extent to which these opinions are correct."—(P.P. Grasse, Evolution of Living Organisms (1977), p. 31.)
“He is God - the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form.  To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names.  Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him.  He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.” (Quran 59:24)
“O mankind, We have created you from a male and a female and have made you into nations and tribes for you to know one another. Truly, the noblest of you with God is the most pious....” (49:13)

I like to end my article with the Quotation of Glorious Quran "And say: "The Truth has  arrived, and Falsehood has perished: for Falsehood is bound to be perished." ( 17:81)  

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